Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures

Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures is a well-known name in international horticulture. Decades of experience is the foundation for continuous product development and for improving existing products. We are pleased to introduce you to our company via this website.

A supplier of customised steel structures

If there is an industry in which developments have moved fast, then it is cultivation under glass. Technical and technological innovations succeed one another in rapid tempo, which is why yesterday’s greenhouse is not to be compared with today’s.

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From 1921 to the present

In 1918 there was no large-scale greenhouse cultivation in Westland. The first innovative growers were experimenting with cultivating vegetables and fruit in wooden greenhouses and under ‘flat glass’.

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How we work - Duijnisveld's philosophy

Duijnisveld is a company that combines almost a century of experience with a progressive approach to operational management. Key words in our approach are quality, continuity and the conclusion of long-lasting relationships.

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A streamlined process from design to erection

Delivering a steel greenhouse structure is a relatively complex matter. The entire process from the basic material, steel, to a high-tech structure is carried out ‘in house’ at Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures.

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Affiliated with

Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures is affiliated with the following organisations: AVAG, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Kiwa, SBB & Hortivation.

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