We manufacture steel structures for Venlo, wide span and curved greenhouses, which gives an indication of our versatility. These different types of greenhouses have one thing in common: customisation must always go hand in hand with maximum efficiency. That is definitely something you can leave to us!

Venlo greenhouse

The Venlo greenhouse has been the most important type of greenhouse in international greenhouse horticulture from way back. As a result of continual improvement a greenhouse has been developed that…

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Multispan Poly Greenhouse

The steel structure of the Multispan Poly Greenhouse is almost similar to that of the Venlo greenhouse. Thanks to the use of a trellis girder, the construction is…

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Wide-span greenhouse

The wide span greenhouse is used because it can be ventilated easily and well and because of the large air buffer above the crop. This greenhouse is also popular for use as industrial space: a…

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Curved greenhouse

The curved greenhouse is one of the new, innovative greenhouse types in our product package. The ‘HighLight curved greenhouse’ is an exclusive type of greenhouse that is specifically manufactured…

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Factory space and halls for agricultural companies have undergone a great deal of development in recent years. More and more activities are carried out in halls of this kind, with all the obvious…

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Miscellaneous products

Duijnisveld also has a large number of standard products in stock. Many galvanized steel parts are therefore available immediately! These include the following: * trellis girders in various…

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