A supplier of customised steel structures

If there is an industry in which developments have moved fast, then it is cultivation under glass. Technical and technological innovations succeed one another in rapid tempo, which is why yesterday’s greenhouse is not to be compared with today’s. And the greenhouse of the future will, in turn, undoubtedly have to meet completely different requirements and wishes.

Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures has been right in the thick of the action from the very beginning as far as the development of greenhouses and greenhouse types goes. We are a leading supplier of steel greenhouse structures. We mainly supply Dutch greenhouse builders who operate internationally so our systems can be found all over the world. Duijnisveld’s strength lies in the combination of its experience and innovative mentality. Add the professionalism and flexibility of the organisation and it is clear why greenhouse builders opt for using our structures.

We manufacture the steel substructure for more than 150 ha greenhouses annually. These greenhouses consist of three types: the Venlo, wide span and curved greenhouses. Customisation is becoming increasingly important in the construction of greenhouses, and specific wishes and unusual dimensions are no problem at all for Duijnisveld. Efficient, state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery makes us a client-oriented operation.